Multiplier sport event Slovenia

Multiplier event in Novo mesto, Slovenia5 - Awareness raising conference On Sunday, 19th June, DRPDNM with help of EUSA implemented multiplier event in Novo Mesto,Slovenia within which we promoted volunteerism in sport as general goal of the project. We addressed members of sport and civil society organisations, members of volunteer organisations,educational institutions, local and national decision makers, as well as wider public.

Initially an event should take place in Ljubljana but, since The event was implemented in open space, on volleyball court area where young volunteers withhelp of local sport association prepared volleyball competition for some 50 local children and youngsters and their parents which ended up with volley ballgame of national woman volley team.

DRPDNM and EUSA teams have been addressing volunteers and young potential volunteers by talking to them about the importance of volunteering and the competencies and benefits to be gained during such activities. We have also been distributing the promotional materials to the children and youth. There have been also some foreign participants at the event, which means we disseminated goals and results of the project internationally.

Nevertheless, this Sunday has been very sport oriented day in Novo mesto, since the national cycling tour had finished up in Novo mesto which means many local and national people have been engaged in volunteering in the preparation of sports events. As we walked around the town,we have been distributing promotional material to youngsters to address the importance in volunteering especially in preparation of such sports events.

The intelligent way to be selfish is to work for the welfare of others

⎯ The Dalai Lama

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